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University of Birmingham scholarship 2022/2023


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University of Birmingham scholarship

The University of Birmingham and its history

The University of Birmingham is a public research university located in Edgbaston, Birmingham, United Kingdom. It received its royal charter in 1900 as a successor to Queen’s College, Birmingham, and Mason Science College, making it the first English civic or “red brick” university to receive its own royal charter.

Birmingham is renowned for producing highly employable and successful graduates. In 2020-21, they are ranked first by High Fliers Research, as the most targeted UK university for the country’s top employers looking for graduate recruits (The Graduate Market in 2021), demonstrating their commitment to you and your future. The University has also invested £5m in its graduate career services and successful alumni are offered mentoring and bursaries to support work experience and internships in the UK and overseas. International students are offered a variety of specially tailored events, including coaching and skills workshops on topics such as networking skills, job-seeking strategies and job-seeking beyond the UK

Various scholarship opportunities available to students at Birmingham University.

1. MBA Scholarships and Funding

2. University of Birmingham / Overseas Education Outstanding Achievement Scholarships

3. University of Birmingham India Outstanding Achievement Scholarships

4. Global Masters Scholarship

5. University of Birmingham Commonwealth Scholarship

6. College of Life and Environmental Sciences Global Excellence Scholarships

Eligibility requirements for scholarships

In order to be eligible, candidates must meet the following requirements. You must:

Have applied for, and received an offer of admission, a taught Masters degree at the University of Birmingham, UK campus, to study in the 2022/23 academic year.

Start your studies at the University in September/ October 2022 on a course delivered on-campus.

Self-funded — you must be self-funding or applying for a postgraduate government loan to pay your fees and living expenses and not in receipt of any other scholarships (excluding the University of Birmingham Postgraduate Progression Award which can be held in addition to the Birmingham Masters Scholarship

Be classed by the University as an overseas fee payer for tuition fee purposes.

applicants must not currently be enrolled on a postgraduate degree course

Benefits of scholarships

Financial Benefit

As scholarships are essentially free money, students can instead focus on their careers instead of worrying about how they will repay their student loan. They also allow students to pursue subjects that require postgraduate training such as MBAs

Opportunities for professional development

To be selected for the scholarship program, students have to undergo a rigorous application process. Also, many such scholarship programs offer mentoring from professionals from diverse industry backgrounds to exchange information and thoughts and improve the overall personality of the students. There are different workshops organized for the students for skill training, career seminars, interview preparation, etc. to groom them with confidence and prepare them for various placement opportunities

Helps A Student To Focus On His Goals

When a student is rewarded with a scholarship, the sole duty that remains with him is to focus on his goals. He is freed from all kinds of financial burdens and tensions. He can now work hard and sincerely walk towards his goals.

Give back to society

Scholarship opportunities help individuals become more sensitive and empathetic toward social problems in communities and in turn make them socially responsible leaders. Scholarship students often get involved with their communities to eradicate basic social problems such as lack of education, unemployment, etc. Which may be prominent within the community. They constantly work towards the development of economically disadvantaged people and try to give back to society in every little way they can

Helps To Get Admission In Popular Universities

There are many influential colleges that are searching for extraordinarily skilled and talented students to add to the existing group of students. For the same, they conduct various examinations and provide scholarships to those who clear the examination with flying colors.

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