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Study in Sweden? International Students in Sweden


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 International Students in Sweden

Sweden has around 40 institutions, several of which are ranked among the best in the world, such as Uppsala University, Lund University, and Stockholm University. Sweden was one of the first countries in Europe to move to English-language education, with over 900 degrees to select from. Sweden is the largest country in Northern Europe, the third-largest country in the European Union,

Citizens of the EU/EEA and those with a permanent Swedish residency permit are entitled to free education in Sweden. Others may be required to pay tuition fees ranging from 80,000 to 140,000 SEK each year (about 8,000 to 15,000 EUR or 9,000 to 17,000 USD). For people from outside the EU/EEA, there is additionally an application cost.

How to Apply to Study in Sweden

If you wish to study in Sweden, regardless of what subject you want to pursue or which university you want to attend, you must apply through one official, centralized website:

 Students Visa Requirements

Students from the EU/EEA do not need to get a visa to study in Sweden. If you are not from the EU or EEA, you may need to apply for a student visa. Consult the Swedish authorities for information on how to comply with the law.

Graduates’ Jobs in Sweeden

Sweden is home to a number of globally successful companies, such as Volvo, IKEA, and H&M, as well as some of the most innovative startups in recent years, such as Skype and Spotify. Even if their knowledge of Swedish is insufficient, skilled international graduates can obtain a foot in the door of the Swedish labor market thanks to the internationality of such firms and the high competence of English among Swedes. The Swedish government has also made an attempt to reduce red tape for foreign people wishing to work in the country.

Post-Graduate Stay in Sweden

After your MSc or Ph.D., in Sweden, you will be given a one-year job-search visa, if you are able to get the job you’ll get two years work permit. after two years, you will renew for another two years and then you apply for permanent (PR)


As its Nordic neighbours, Sweden is known for freezing winters and short mild summers. While the winters are long and dark, the summers are particularly rewarding when the sky never really goes dark. In late/mid-June, Swedes celebrate the summer solstice, called “midsommar”.


Sweden is located in the very North of Europe, in between Finland and Norway. Its largest international airport is Stockholm Arlanda with over 170 destinations worldwide. Most smaller university cities in Sweden are close to local airports that can be reached via Arlanda or Stockholm’s second, mostly domestic airport, Bromma. (Word of advice for first-time visitors: Be wary of taxi scammers and always check prices on the sticker in the window. Many things in Sweden are highly regulated, but taxi prices are not.) Sweden also has a well-developed train network and a number of overland bus companies. From the coast, you can also often take ferries to other countries along the Baltic Sea.

List of Sweden Universities

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