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How much payment should I have on available to meet the criteria for US Student Visa?

What kind of financial evidence is required for a student visa?


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Though many of us aspire to study abroad, many students are forced to give up their dreams when the issue of funding arises. This occurs frequently because people don’t know how to present monies properly. The majority of students are not aware that a combined I-20 evidence of finances can be provided by two or three sponsors. As a result of the widespread uncertainty in this area, many people give up on their dream of moving to the United States.

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You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering how much money you need in the bank to get a US visa. You can learn about all the financial I-20 documentation requirements in this blog post, along with pertinent information about the required minimum bank balance for US student visas.

What Minimum Bank Balance is Needed for a US Visa?

Although there is no set minimum required to obtain an F-1 visa, applicants must have at least $10,000 in their bank accounts.

Who will always finance my Education Abroad?

The following organizations can support the F-1 visa proofs of financing:

  • Family: Your mother or father should always be your first option.
  • Family members: You may also choose a blood relative as your sponsor. The form must therefore explain how they are connected to you. Grandparents, your closest uncle’s aunt from both your maternal and paternal sides, as well as your cousins, can help you.
  • Both: You might include Family and Family members, bringing the total number of sponsors up to 2-3, to demonstrate the full expense of the year.

Note: Having sponsors from India rather than the USA is always favored. If abroad but not in the USA, it is still acceptable.

Education Loans In The USA For Indian Students

Financial Document Requirement for I-20 Visa

Only cash in a liquid form is accepted by US institutions and embassies as I-20 financial documentation. You must twice demonstrate these funds.

The list of financial paperwork for I-20 is provided below:

  • Receipt for Fixed Deposits with Bank Attestation
  • Bank statement of savings for an F-1 visa
    – passbook or bank statement for US student visa; balance certificate by bank verified PF/PPF
  • property documents

Notwithstanding, you can select a Solvency Letter or a Loan Letter if you don’t have accessible cash in the aforementioned formats. A Solvency Letter is appropriate for those who plan to eventually arrange an education loan.

Description of the Sponsor Letter.

A sponsor letter, which a bank issues based on your credit history and the assets you would pledge as collateral for a loan, is similar to a capacity certificate and does not represent actual money in your account. A letter from the bank saying that your sponsor is qualified to provide between INR 25 and INR 30 lakhs for your further education

A loan letter is what?

Most frequently, all national and public banks get the sanction letter after getting the I-20. Only private banks offer loan letters prior to I-20 on the basis of the admission letter for the student. As a result, you may utilize the loan letter if you obtained it before the I-20 to demonstrate your financial support to the institution.

You can obtain a student visa to study in the US very easily after meeting all the necessary bank statement requirements for US student visas. To make your visa process simple, our knowledgeable loan advisors can even provide you with all the pertinent information on education loans and other financially important topics!

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